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A Word

I believe:

God is calling the Church to an Exodus.  A mass Exodus for all the Church.  The extreme prosperity message has left the Church lusting after the wealth of Egypt.  The poverty mentality has lef us as its (Egypt’s) slaves.  If we have authority in Egypt, let us be Moses and demand our release.  Let us use it to establish His Kingdom.  We will walk unto the Promised Land.  Pay no attention to Pharoah’s chariots.  Keep walking.  Do not be afraid, My Glory shall drown them.  So shall it be established.  Amen.


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Christ is King.  His Kingdom is here.  Some would say that it is not, but it is our job to enforce what already is.  Rebellion in an area does not transfer ownership.  That area is just in rebellion, but the area nonetheless still belongs to the King.  We are to bring order to His Kingdom.

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The Law of Balance (as I call it) is not something we achieve.  It is a fact.  Is simply is.  It is how we apply that Law which produces organization.  Oragnaization is life.  Ultimate organization is ultimate life (we’re not talking steryl, rigid, lifeless organization), and ultimate life is utopia.  Utopia is possible – it is the fullness of the Kingdom of God.

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