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I’ve  been thinking a lot about my “purpose” in life lately.  One thing being single has taught me is how to live with myself.  With that, I’ve been turning over in my head what it is to be a follower of Christ.  I’m not exactly middle-aged, but I have less than a year now before 30, so I suppose I’m no longer a kid.  There are so many things that God has placed in my heart as desires in serving Him, and I’m beginning to see a few of those things sprout (but they’re still tiny, but growing).  I guess the temptation is to think that those things, many of which I won’t post here on a public blog, are truly what God wants from me.  In a way, yes, but not like I’m tempted to think…

      Micah 6:8 – He hath showed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?

All He wants is me.  The same way that a husband longs for his wife, He wants me.  Why is that so hard to accept?  So now I’m learning to be still, and just walk the path that’s in front of me, that He has placed at my feet.  He will guide me, not my own drive.


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        One of the distinguishing characteristics of life, in all its various forms, is the fact that it always seeks to replicate itself.  Man, the most complex of all created beings, can be said to exist as two creatures: a physical one, and an intelligent one – that is, a living soul.  Since all life duplicates itself, and intelligence is actually a form of life itself, intelligence drives man to create in an effort to reproduce his soul.  Creativity, then, is the manifestation of one of man’s most basic needs: the need to reproduce.

        Something is not thought of as being alive unless it has the ability to reproduce itself.  From bacteria to trees to animals to man, all life has been given both the ability and the need to struggle against its own mortality by bearing offspring that will live beyond its own lifetime.  It reproduces itself by organizing matter and space in a way that mimics itself.  For example, a seed from an apple tree will, when buried, gather substance from the ground and synthesize the nutrients in a way that causes another apple tree to grow.  All life follows this same pattern in reproduction: matter is collected and organized in a way that imitates its organizer.

        Not all life is simply organic in its existence.  While man is indeed a physical creature, he also exhibits a much more complex aspect of his being which must be reproduced.  This aspect is known as intelligence, or, as many have defined it, his soul.  This soul is a life in and of itself, and this duality of existence in man – the base, instinctive nature and the nature of higher intelligence – is what sets man apart from other living things.  Not only is man driven to recreate himself physically, but also intelligence causes him to seek out ways to recreate his inward life: that is, his soul.

        Since man’s soul possesses the need to reproduce itself, man is driven to create outwardly the things that he already sees inwardly, thereby expressing his ideas in a manner understood by others.  When his ideas are transferred to others, he is actually reproducing a part of himself in the minds of those other individuals.  He can transfer these ideas by many different methods.  Whether he is giving a speech, writing a novel, singing a song, or composing an essay, man is always attempting to express the ideas trapped inside his head in a manner that will help (or possibly harm) another individual, and in so doing is able to reproduce himself ideologically.

        Life, by its very definition, brings order out of chaos by organizing matter and space in a manner that is inconsistent with the otherwise pervasive law of entropy.  Man, existing as both a physical creature and a living soul, is driven not only to simply have children, but also to “leave his mark on the world” in an effort to obtain significance and extend his influence beyond his natural years.  His soul yearns to reproduce itself just as all other forms of life seek to reproduce.  Indeed, creativity is perhaps the greatest gift God has granted man; it is the one aspect of man that definitively sets him apart from the rest of created beings.

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what about the single Dads?

Alrighty… this bugs the heck out of me.  I tell people I’m divorced with kids, and they usually ask something like, “Do you get to see them much?”.  Yeah, 5 nights a week.  It’s amusing usually, but it gets old.  Then I try and find articles on being a single parent, balancing “me time” with the needs of your kids, and I’m told time and time again to go out and do girlie things to make myself feel better.  Or worse, it tells you how you have to forget about evil men, and to focus on yourself and your kids.  And don’t get me started on single-parent support groups that are “moms only”.

What about the single Dads?

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