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One thing that I finally figured out with this whole dating thing is you cannot chase hard after a lady. It seems that the more you chase, the more they pull away. The secret in capturing someone’s affection is simply to *be*… to be the best that God made you to be, to remain confident in your abilities, and to live your single life completely whole. If you can do that, then when you show interest, without being overwhelming, the other person is drawn in.

People ask all the time why God doesn’t “just do it”, whatever that “it” is at the moment. They figure that God is all powerful, all knowing, so why can’t He just take care of it for us or just show Himself to us plainly? Well, God already showed us His Love by sending His Son. So we know that He loves us, and that He cares for us. But why, so often, does He simply remind us to look to His Son to find the way back to His Will?

God is the great I AM. He is all we need. God can and does work supernaturally in very tangible ways at times of His choosing. But often He only waits for us, He calls to us, He woos us with His love. He has shown His interest in us, and then He continues being who He is. It is because of that that we are drawn into relationship with Him.


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