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This past Saturday Cheri and I were both feeling productive, and she helped me get my huge artificial Christmas tree out of the attic and put it together.  Surprisingly, there was no great frustration putting the tree together or getting to stand up straight (although it’s just a *tad* crooked).

While we were setting it up, my boys were watching SpongeBob.  It was the episode where SpongeBob failed his driving test (again) and was complaining to Patrick about how hard it was.  The Patrick (the “dumb” one) took the test and passed it on the first try.  He then went on to just flippantly tell SpongeBob how easy it was, and how anyone could pass it.

I said to Cheri, “You know, Patrick plays dumb, but really he’s a hyper-intelligent jackass.”

Cheri said, “Kinda like you.”


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