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Okay, after all the rather intense blog entries lately (intense for me, anyways), I decided to write about a rather emotionally inert topic: Weight Watchers.

I finally bought some size 34 jeans and khakis. I haven’t been in that size since my sophomore year in high school. Since August 7 (at size 40), and as of my last weigh-in on Monday, I’ve lost 35.8 pounds. And that’s off my post-divorce weight; if you consider my weight from then, I’m down almost 55 pounds. I definitely like the attention it brings, too.

But with that said, I can’t write a blog entry without making at least *some* bigger observation. Why is it that when someone looks better we treat them better? And I’m not just talking about just with flirting or romantically. Even friends seem to treat you with more respect when you’re in shape. Am I any more of a person now than I was when I was overweight? (I guess really I’m less of a person now… sorry, couldn’t pass that one up). It’s strange to see how some people I know wouldn’t give me the time of day before, but now they act very friendly towards me. I’m still trying to figure out how I should respond. Is it really that engrained in our physical and psychological makeup to act this way towards others, or is it just another example of hypocrisy in modern culture?

In any case, I like looking good… 🙂


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