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I have tons (well, 65.8 hours) of worship music on my computer, about 90% of which is pirated.  Seriously, I have maybe seven or eight CD’s that are legitimately purchased copied down, and the rest is pirated, either from CD’s that other people let me copy, or from Limewire.

Does this make me a bad person?  For those that are truly creating music for the Glory of God, wouldn’t they want that to reach as many people as possible?  Didn’t Jesus turn over the money changers table for basically the same thing?  Would the true worship leaders really mind my having their music for no monetary cost?  Or is this a case of muzzling the ox while he’s treading the corn?  A lot of the stuff I like isn’t carried at the music stores around here (but I suppose you can buy just about anything from Amazon).

That is my current dilemma.  Thoughts anyone?


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