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I was reading about Solomon’s dedication of the temple today, and this came to me.  Solomon was a type of Christ, in regards to the Kingdom.  This question: where does governmental authority come from?  Practically, it comes from the people, in what they give their authority, strength, and loyalty to.  Government is not happenstance (actually, anarchy is).  Government is organization of authority established by intelligence.

Solomon asked for wisdom, and God never took that Wisdom away from him.  With Wisdom Solomon was able to establish the physical nation of Israel.  That was part of God’s Plan.  (The righteous leave an inheritance to their children’s children.)  Minus Solomon’s sin, the Will of God was established.

Now prosperity is God’s Will (2 Cor 8:9, etc.), even in the New Covenant.  I also believe that God’s Will is the same for both Nations and individuals.  (What is a Nation except a group of individuals, and what is an individual unless he is part of a Nation?)  It is His Will to prosper the Sheep Nations.  It is His Will to establish those Nations.  But God’s Kingdom is not of this world (that is, it’s not physical / natural.  He rebuked the Jews for believing such.)

What is it then?  We are God’s Kingdom.  The Kingdom of God is here, among us.  We are the New Jerusalem, the true Israel.  Prosperity comes to individuals who follow God’s precepts (Solomon did in this manner).  Governments and Nations are only groups of people.  Therefore, National prosperity and righteousness is the most practical manifestation of the “grass-roots” spread of the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom of God cannot be forced, it must be received.


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