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Okay, maybe I’m just going through the same cycle of emotions that I always go through when crazy stuff happens to me. But right now I’m angry. What is wrong with people that cause them to use other people? Why did God allow us to be born as such selfish, self-absorbed creatures? How is it that people can act on whims without any thought to the consequences that it might have on other people, or even on themselves? Are we so blind? How can seemingly intelligent people become so stupid? And why is it (and this is an existential question) that such momentary acts can have such huge implications? It’s like the punishment far outweighs the crime, and that it’s that way by design. Like we were meant to fall into these traps. And no law is necessary to enforce this punishment; it just is…

Days of Our Lives has nothing on me.


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waiting on God

This entry will be short, because I’m hungry and my food is waiting in the microwave.

Is God teasing me? Is He mocking me? I feel like every time I get close to finally, finally, seeing His promises to me come to pass, He snatches it away at the last moment. What the heck is there left for me to learn? What more are You teaching me, God? How long do I have to wait before You plant me as a tree by living waters, as Your Word promises? I can see that You are bringing all this to a head in my life, yet here I am, still empty-handed, without the actual promise, without the actual fruit. Why, God?

But what else is there for me to do? Where else can I go? You are the Rock of my Salvation, so still I wait.

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